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Mantua Hardware is an FFL and can arrange for your firearm to be shipped to you from outside OhioFFL Firearms Transfer* - You bought a firearm outside of Ohio, or online. Now you need it shipped to your Ohio address. Mantua Hardware can arrange this for you. As a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) and located in Ohio, Mantua Hardware can work with the seller of your firearm and the ATF to arrange a legal transfer of the firearm to this state.

Be Smart… Do it Legally

What if the firearm is a gift from Uncle George? Perhaps you are trading one firearm for another with someone outside Ohio, or someone outside Ohio is loaning a firearm to you?

Federal  law is quite clear. Regardless of the purpose of transfer, whenever a firearm is transferred from one party to another, across state lines, an FFL (like Mantua Hardware) must be used.

FFL Firearm Transfer Highlights

  1. Confirm firearm is ready and available for transfer
  2. Collect contact information of person/company having firearm
  3. Contact Mantua Hardware
  4. Pay non-refundable $30 transfer fee
  5. Await confirmation from Mantua Hardware firearm is ready for pick-up
  6. Pay shipping costs (if any)
  7. Take delivery of firearm*

How FFL Firearms Transfer Works - Once you are ready for the transfer to take place, contact Mantua Hardware. We will need the contact information of the person or company having the firearm you desire shipped to you in Ohio.

There is a flat, non-refundable fee of $30 for each transfer. Only one firearm per transfer is permitted. Customer pays any and all related shipping costs in addition to the $30 fee.

When the transfer is complete and the weapon is received. Mantua Hardware notifies the recipient the firearm is at our store. We are not permitted to release the firearm to anyone other than the individual who originated the transfer with us.

* Firearm transfers will only be arranged for persons who (by law) are permitted to own a firearm.

NOTICE - When conducting any firearms (or firearms- related) business with Mantua Hardware, all applicable ATF rules will apply.

Firearm Accessories Available at Mantua Hardware

  • Ammo of All Types
  • Shotgun Shells
  • Deer Slugs
  • Reloading Supplies
  • Safety Vests
  • Much more… Please Visit Our Store, or Contact Us

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9mm Ammo

1,000 Rounds


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